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I was born and brought up in a small village (Chirakkadavu) in a place which is known as 'Gods own Country' - Kerala, India. The place, festooned with beautiful hills which reverberates the beauty of nature, influenced me from my childhood. As a child, I was always fascinated by the beautiful meadows, the streams, the cool wind that brushes past me and the fog that brings a mystic feeling. The mesmerising beauty and lush greenery of my place gave birth to the nature lover in me. The journey from a nature lover to a wildlife photographer was a long one. The beauty of this Nature was making me a painter and a wildlife photographer. Assimilating every form of life in Nature, in my mind, the photographer in me combines them into a colourful frame reflecting the beauty of wildlife copiously. This frame of wildlife which I capture is where we all can feel the soul of Nature. 

As a wildlife photographer, my passion and eagerness is to explore the wildlife and to present the life there to the outside world. The more I photograph and observe wildlife the more I am convinced that animals and even insects have emotions and feelings. I always strive to show the detail, sprit and wildness of nature on my photographs. Each photography journey into the wild led me to understand Nature and wildlife more deeply. This put me in deep thought about this nature and the need for its preservation. This and the avid desire of preserving this lush greenery for future generations led me to the constitution of the Trust "Save Tree Save Life", along with like minded friends. The aim of this Trust is Environment Protection. Save Tree Save Life, in association with environmentalists and other similar organisations is working for the past 12 years for Environment and its protection. 

I was able to associate with lot of NGOs in the field of wildlife Photography and Environment Conservation. I worked with world leading magazines and television channels. In 2014-2015 I was selected as a Featured Photography Member by the famous National Geography Community

I still continue my journey in search of forests and wildlife... 

I am a Nikon User - Camers: D800e, D7100, Lens: Wide angle 20mm 1.8g, 85mm 1.8, Macro: 105mm f2.8, Tele: 200-500mm f5.6, flash SB 950, Bag: lowepro, Tripod: Vanguard

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Designing Factory. (DF) Is an ‘Advertising Services Provider Company’, Our Divisions- Designing & Printing, Website Development, Photography Agency, Digital Offset Press, Mobile Application Development, Property Management, Travel & Tourism, Resorts. We Care all Solutions for Our Valuable our clients. Designing Factory was the brainchild of our chairman, incubated in 2010 and now we are a team of nine superbly talented members. Today, we are an eminent company which has established itself on the global scene in the field of Designing, Printing, Adventure tourism, Mobile apps and other All Promotions. At Designing Factory, we believe that working in complete symbiosis with each client will help us to understand the needs of the business before proposing a suitable solution. We make sure that we approach each client with dedication and aspire to achieve perfection in the work we do. Handling every project with utmost care and providing quality services comes naturally to us. Innovation is our forte and this often involves optimum use of the resources at our disposal. All this leads to one goal - providing fast and better ROI to our clients. Designing Factory has fully trained Consultants working exclusively for your business. The extremely Eco Friendly ambience at Designing Factory makes it a haven for talented professionals to use their grey cells and unleash their creativity so that our clients succeed. We never lose sight of our value system and principles and we are proud of the fact that the complete Designing Factory family lives by them in their professional journey.

Featured Member for National Geographic

National geography selected for their Featured Photography Member for YourShot Community


Image of the month - March - Wild Sojourns Magazine

Image of the month - March - Wild Sojourns Magazine