Insects: “The Defenders Of Western Ghats“

Project: "Insects Of Life"

IDWG is a project that brings together film, music and photographs of insects that balances Ecosystem and Human Life.




IDWG is a project that brings together film, music and photographs of insects that balances Ecosystem and Human Life.IDWG

I was born and brought up in a small village (Chirakkadavu) in a place which is known as 'Gods own Country' - Kerala, India. The place, festooned with beautiful hills which reverberates the beauty of nature, influenced me from my childhood. As a child, I was always fascinated by the beautiful meadows, the streams, the cool wind that brushes past me and the fog that brings a mystic feeling. The mesmerising beauty and lush greenery of my place gave birth to the nature lover in me. The journey from a nature lover to a wildlife photographer was a long one. The beauty of this Nature was making me a painter and a wildlife photographer. Assimilating every form of life in Nature, in my mind, the photographer in me combines them into a colourful frame reflecting the beauty of wildlife copiously. This frame of wildlife which I capture is where we all can feel the soul of Nature. As a wildlife photographer, my passion and eagerness is to explore the wildlife and to present the life there to the outside world. The more I photograph and observe wildlife the more I am convinced that animals and even insects have emotions and feelings. I always strive to show the detail, sprit and wildness of nature on my photographs. Each photography journey into the wild led me to understand Nature and wildlife more deeply. This put me in deep thought about this nature and the need for its preservation. This and the avid desire of preserving this lush greenery for future generations led me to the constitution of the Trust "Save Tree Save Life", along with likeminded friends. The aim of this Trust is Environment Protection. Save Tree Save Life, in association with environmentalists and other similar organisations is working for the past 12 years for Environment and its protection. I was able to associate with lot of NGOs in the field of wildlife Photography and Environment Conservation. I worked with world leading magazines and television channels. In 2014-2015 I was selected as a Featured Photography Member by the famous National Geography Community. I still continue my journey in search of forests and wildlife... Ten years ago, I began to have intense dreams of learning about Micro insects. Though I have always had a very strong connection to the animal world, I had no idea what this was about. I began to pay attention to the synchronicity and clues and soon enough I was following the path that insects had set for me.

I was led around the world, mostly camping alone in spectacular wild places -- most of the Western Ghats. I met and learned from people who hold Insects sacred, from the Bushmen elder healers of the Kalahari, to modern-day shamans and martial artists. I discovered that Insects that balance our Ecosystem offers great lessons.

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idwgConsider this: 

Without insects, our world would be a very different place. If insects didn't play their roles as pollinators and as food sources for other animals, our food supply and selection would be drastically reduced. As a result, you might have trouble putting together that "ant-free picnic" you were so looking forward to. Likewise, a pleasant camping spot might be difficult to come by in a world full of animal waste and dead plants and animals that would exist without insects to help break them down.



 'INSECTS' the Vital part of this planet's ecology

While it's true that some insects - like those bloodsucking mosquitoes or plant-eating pests - directly harm humans, the vast majority don't. Rather, they're all a vital part of this planet's ecology. They provide food for other animals (including humans in some cultures), recycle natural materials, and help plants to reproduce. They even create products we use every day, such as silk and honey. On a scientific level, insects provide systems for exploring and modelling human body processes. So, you see, insects help us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

At the purely aesthetic level, insects provide our world with beauty, drama, and wonder. They have, it seems, a limitless variety of colours and shapes, behaviours and habits. As you look through a hand lens at an insect, you enter a world more bizarre and outrageous than any science fiction author could dream up. They can be fascinating, entertaining, beautiful, or ugly. They are insects, and they are everywhere.

THE WORKinsects

I am an expert in macro-photographic equipment, bought a pile of photography accessories and began traveling. Working every night, I walk into the forest or grasslands near and far from where i live in search of insects. Sometimes I set up lights and see who shows up. The bugs never fail to amaze me and many others too.

I communicate if they want their portraits taken and if they agree, I bring them inside my tent or camping van. I stay up all night, working for hours with each bug, making still photos and shooting HD video. Afterwards, I thank them and put them back where I found them. It is a true collaboration based on love and respect.

We team up together for the work of INSECT OF LIFE video shooting, sound capturing and snapping their postures. It’s a big effort with a big team and lot of costly Gadgets.


"INSECTS OF LIFE" is of three verticals:

  1. "INSECTS OF LIFE" Movie
  3. "INSECTS OF LIFE" Web-Portal

IDWG explore the alien or other and our intrinsic connection with the insect world. Launching on Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival & Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival by Coming Years, it will continue to travel to other cities around the world.


The next stage of the project is to begin work with:


Shooting the movie: This is more expensive than the other two verticals of INSECTS OF LIFE. We have already bought the camera and other accessories, but carrying the gadgets to the dense forest of the Western Ghats is one of the major challenges, here we have the local tribes to help us to carry. The second biggest challenge is getting the power for our gadgets to gear up. For this we need to buy generators and portable solar power hubs. This all together will cost us roughly of $110000. 


Making of the book: 20% of the Photography and content is ready, next is to complete the remaining designing and start printing the book.


Building & Developing the Web-Portal Gallery: We have bought a place in Top Station of Munnar , a total of 6 acres. Which will need to be constructed for the gallery and a small guest house named The BACKERS PARADISE. A world-renowned architect is charging his minimum fee: $50,000. I am also ready to start working with a master in Web-Portal Designing & Insect Preservation.

And I need to get back into the field -- to the Unseen Western Ghats -- to continue photographing and filming these unique and wonderful creatures.


'Insects of Life' has been mostly self-funded and now we need your help and support. We would like to bring people face to face with insects, to confront their fears and prejudices and to challenge them to see the world in a new way. I want to make people understand how essential is the life of insects plays the key role in Balancing Ecosystem and leading the human life . Our project will transmit the sense of awe I feel in their presence. In gratitude, I will keep you posted on the project's progress, my travels and all the wonderful creatures I meet along the way. Please contact me directly if you would like to support IDWG through its production and travels other expenses which we have not mentioned here, If you would like to receive a tax-deduction for your contribution, we will be happy to help you, My work is a tribute to insects of this world, to their intelligence, idea, personality and elegant beauty. We humbly request you to please help honour the small beings who really run the planet and on whom our lives depend. Help me to bring their message to you.